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Tentative Legacy Agreement Reached at Ametek Aeropace

Local 201 Bargaining Committee and Ametek Reach Tentative Legacy Agreement


In 2016 Ametek came to contract negotiations with unsettling news.  We would not be negotiating a contract, instead a severance package for the ten 201 members that remained employed there.  The Company planned to send all the work left to Mexico.  Those negotiations resulted in 2 agreements.  A “Legacy Agreement”, and a “New Manufacturing Model” (NMM) for any potential new hires.  There was no commitment to hire under the NMM Agreement.  As of 2020 there are four members remaining under the Legacy Agreement, and fourteen members working under the NMM Agreement (Expiring March 2020).  The four members have over 40 years of service and will very likely retire under this contract.  Two members have indicated they plan to retire soon.  Therefore, the Bargaining Committee focused on achieving a non-concessionary agreement, where these four members would not lose ANYTHING, and be recognized for their combined 179 years of service.  The Bargaining Committee feels strongly we achieved our goal and are pleased to present this package to the membership.

Strike Language

The TA contains new language that members under the Legacy contract can strike over NMMA grievances, and recognizes members right not to cross an IUE picket line no matter which contract the dispute pertains too.


The Company started off wanting to dismantle the Legacy healthcare plan and shift healthcare costs onto the Legacy members. They argued that the healthcare costs for the Company go up significantly every year and wanted workers to shoulder more of the increases.  The Bargaining Committee took a hard line on healthcare.  The Company ultimately agreed to freeze employee contribution levels and not change the health plan for all 4 years of the Tentative Agreement. No changes, no increased costs.


There were two Retirement benefits that were set to sunset at the end of the 2016-2020 Legacy Agreement.  A $2,000 Retirement Notification Bonus, and a $125 Pension Longevity Supplement ($125 a month for 4 years, on top of your regular pension). The Tentative Agreement includes renewal of both sunsetting benefits.  The Retirement Notification Bonus includes an additional $1,000, bringing it up to $3,000.  The window to notify was brought down from 6 months to 2 months, so that those looking to retire soon would not have to wait in order to qualify. And there were no changes to the Legacy Pension Plan.

Service Recognition Bonus

The Bargaining Committee had shifted the company off of their small Lump Sum Bonus proposals starting in 2022, and were able to get the Company to start proposing percentage based general wage increases.  However, the money was not coming soon enough (after some had already retired), or big enough to be of benefit to all four members.  The Bargaining Committee withdrew its General Wage Increase proposals, in favor of a Service Recognition Award front loaded in January 2021 of $3000 for all four members.  Those who stay until January 2022, will receive an additional $500.  While a bonus would be a sour deal for newer members with many years left in their career, the bargaining Committee felt for a group getting ready to retire this was the right choice.

The Local 201 Bargaining Committee unanimously voted to recommend this Tentative Agreement for Ratification of the Membership. Announcement on the date and time of the ratification vote will come next week. 

In Solidarity,

Local 201 Bargaining Committee




Justin Richards, Business Agent             Adam Kaszynski, President                   Kendal Bell, IUE-CWA Staff Rep



Randy Wood, Chief Steward                 Julia Yagual, NMM Witness                 James Otting, Legacy Witness

Link to a printable copy of this flyer below: