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Take Action: Bill to Protect MA Factory Workers


Contact your state Rep. and state Senator and ask them to co-sponsor and support HD.5071 (filed by union brother, Rep. Pete Capano) and SD.2934 (filed by union brother Sen. Paul Feeney), An Act Relative to Manufacturing and Factory Worker Protection From COVID-19.

The bill includes some safety standards we have been able to push at the Riverworks, and extends them to all manufacturing facilities.  It also includes protections we still don’t have.  Included in the bill is sanitization between the shifts, consistent access to PPE, social distancing requirements, and sick leave. The sick leave clause reads “Employers shall grant no less than 14 days of paid sick leave to any employee self-reporting potential COVID-19 symptoms or close contact, even if testing availability is limited or workers are awaiting results.” A common sense policy, much safer than GE’s current policy.   GE does the bare minimum, this bill sets the bar higher. 

We need all Local 201 members, retirees, and friends to write their State Reps and State Senators and ask for their support on this bill. There is a very short window of time. Please go to  today and sign the letter to tell your elected officials to stand up for our safety!