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Send in a Video to Support HD 4738 by Friday 6/5

02 Jun, 2020

Support Covid-19 Protections for manufacturing & factory workers

Rep. Pete Capano is sponsoring legislation to protect workers and we need to help to get it passed. 

The bill, H. 4738 An act relative to manufacturing and factory worker protection, would protect workers by requiring employers to:

  • Grant at least 14 days of paid sick leave for anyone reporting potential Covid-19 symptoms or in close contact, even if testing is limited or while awaiting results
  • Employ trained medical professionals to privately screen employees 
  • Ensure distancing, provide PPE, and disinfect facilities between shifts
  • Establishes a procedure for closing a shop that is deemed unsafe for workers

How YOU can help:

*****BY 5pm FRIDAY, JUNE 5th*****

Submit a video testimony through this link H.4738 - submit testimony


Submit written testimony via email to and

Sample Script:  “My name is _______. I live in ______, MA. I support bill H. 4738 because ________.

EXAMPLES: “I’m worried about getting my family sick from going to work.” “I take care of an elderly parent and don’t want to expose them.“I am at high risk and I am afraid I’ll get sick at work”

After you’ve submitted your testimony, let your steward know!


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