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All Workers Need Sick and Family Leave Now! Call your Senator!

Call Your Senator - 1-855-980-2231

Many workers in this country don't have paid sick or family leave, and even that do may not have leave that is adequate in the face of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Call your Senator now and demand they extend paid sick days and paid family leave to all workers by passing the P.A.I.D. Leave Act (S.3513):1-855-980-2231. While your on the phone make sure to tell them about our health and safety concerns in the Plant right now.

After you make the call you should receive a confirmation via text, please comment (or post a screenshot of text) “confirmed” on the Local 201 Facebook page.

The PAID Leave act will:

- Close loopholes in the Families First Coronavirus bill that left out millions of workers.

-Guarantee emergency paid sick, medical, and family leave to ALL workers and independent contractors during the corona virus pandemic.

-Permanently ensure ALL workers can accrue 7 paid sick days and mandate paid family and medical leave programs after the crisis is over.