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Support Local 201's 5S Pandemic Platform at GE

"We want to keep working, but we want to do it safely!"

Local 201 is advocating for Supplies, Sanitizing, Six Feet, Sick Days, and Serving the Public

We get too many reports of periodic shortages of cleaning supplies, Personal Protective Equipment, sanitizer, soap, cleaning spray bottles, and rubber gloves.  We work with metal, cardboard, and other surfaces where the virus can live for long periods of time.  We need access to proper supplies at all times.
We work in a massive, high touch, close quarters facility. They need to bring in more people to come in and sanitize the buildings.  With the layoffs in the state plenty of people are looking for work and we need a clean working environment.
Six Feet
Right now some of us are working under conditions that don’t allow six feet of space. GE has tried to implement rules that make us touch the same time clock, what’s the point of that?
Sick Days
Right now Union members at GE get the state minimum of sick time. We are asking for 14 days so anyone that suspects they might be sick can stay home and get well.  Even people that have symptoms are having difficulty getting the testing. We need to create an environment where sick people stay home.  This is about saving lives and about saving jobs. The Company’s COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave policy centers around a COVID-19 diagnosis, by the time we figure out were sick we may already have spread the illness or taken it home to our families.  We need the ability to take sick time when we fear we may have been exposed.
Serve the Public
 We want to make sure GE is serving the public during this crisis.  GE could make ventilators in Lynn right now, we have the skills and machines to do it. Sanitizing the plant doesn’t only help us, it helps stop the spread of the virus in our communities and can drive hiring during a period of massive unemployment.

If you feel you cannot safely work during the COVID-19 Pandemic please speak to your doctor and your HR rep.  Call the Union Hall for assistance 781-598-2760.

Are we Essential workers?
Absolutely we are essential.  The engines we make are a crucial part of our National Defense.   We want the military to have everything they need.  In order to ship those orders, our people need to be healthy.  Preventing the spread of COVID-19 at the Riverworks is essential to National Security.  A sick Plant will not be able to deliver.  Essential workers should be treated like essential workers.

What about that announcement about cuts and layoffs throughout GE Aviation?
There is no reason for layoffs here, we have a huge backlog of work.  We also have the skills to manufacture medical equipment, and an increased demand for cleaning workers to sanitize the plant.  We will oppose any layoffs in Lynn, we are understaffed. 

Please help get our message out about Local 201’s 5S Pandemic Platform. 

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