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MBW 2021 Survey DEADLINE 5pm May 17th

May 17, 2021
All Day
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Please fill out the MBW 2021 Negotiations Survey online:

or clip it our of the May edition of the 201 News and return to your Steward (To be published May 11th 2021)

Market Based Wage Survey 2021
Deadline: May 17th 5pm

Please return 1 survey only. Multiples or Surveys without Name/SSO will be discarded to protect each members voice.

Your personal information will not be shared outside of your 201 Negotiating Committee.

Per the 2016 MBW Agreement, “If either the Company or the Union desires to modify this Agreement after June 23, 2019, it shall, not more than 60 days prior to June 23, 2019 or prior to June 23, of any subsequent year at two year intervals (i.e. 2021, 2023, etc.), so notify the company in writing. Collective bargaining negotiations shall commence between the parties at an agreed-upon time and place following such notice for the purpose of considering changes to this agreement.

The first bargaining session has been scheduled for May 27th, 2021.  This survey is so that membership feedback can be brought to the bargaining table by your Negotiating Committee.  Please fill it out and return to your steward or the Union hall by 5pm Monday, May 17th 2021. 

Please write down your Name and SSO so you voice is heard.  1 member, 1 vote, 1 survey.